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Interior plantscaping is more than just plants in pots. Learn More…

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Interior Plant Design Each project starts with a complimentary in-person Learn More…

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BATCH-O BLOOMS excels at integrating plants into your space to create a healthy environment. Learn More…

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BATCH-O BLOOMS excels at integrating plants into your space to create a healthy environment. Learn More…

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Bring Life to Indoor Space with BATCH-O BLOOMS
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Make a lasting impression with indoor landscaping.

Are you tired of the way your lobby or office space looks? Do you wish for more life and energy in your spaces in order to motivate and excite the people working in and visiting them? We get it. At BATCH-O BLOOMS our goal is to transform your office space, lobby, and residential interior with interior plant scaping that is imaginative and engages your employees, tenants and visitors. With BATCH-O BLOOMS you don’t have to settle for a blasé space that people forget the moment they leave. Whether you’re looking for clean simple accents to your space that subtly bring in life and greenery to your space or an exciting live wall of plants that bring peace and tranquility, we’ve got you covered. At BATCH-O BLOOMS we not only create and install your interior plantscaping in a way that accents and up levels your space, but provides weekly maintenance of it as well. Create a beautiful, welcoming space and leave the hassle of keeping it looking its best with our maintenance services. Our indoor landscaping can also be accented with holiday-specific decor depending on the time of year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to delight, excite and impress your visitors. Call us today at 215-885-9288 and dream up what’s possible together with BATCH-O BLOOMS.
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