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Holiday Décor Philadelphia Corporate building Embrace the magic of the holiday season with unique holiday decor that surprises and delights your customers, clients, and staff. BATCH-O BLOOMS excels at tailoring holiday decor to reflect your style, brand, or cultural traditions. No two trees or holiday scenes are the same!

Holiday decor tailored to YOU – no two trees or scenes are the same!

Poinsettias and poinsettia trees

Poinsettias are the most recognizable plant and the perfect way to add holiday cheer to your space. Poinsettias are available in various sizes and colors to complement your office or holiday decor. These versatile plants are cost-effective and colorful enough to stand alone or to complement holiday trees and scenes.

BATCH-O BLOOMS poinsettias and poinsettia trees sourced from a local, family-owned greenhouse that uses sustainable production practices.

Trees, wreaths, swags, and garland

Transform your office, lobby, or atrium into a winter wonderland with trees, wreaths, swags, and garland. This transformation is the perfect option for creating a festive environment while being culturally sensitive. Replica greenery, easily customized with lights and trimmings that are sure to evoke holiday cheer. Trees and wreaths of all shapes, sizes and even colors are available to fit your space and budget.

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Themed scenes

One-of-a-kind custom-themed scenes, highlight whimsical snowmen, joyous carolers, and other holiday activities and traditions.
BATCH-O BLOOMS can also bring Hanukkah and Kwanza holidays to life with kinaras, menorahs, dreidels, and other appropriate elements. holiday decor Hanukkah theme philadelphia 8517

Check out our work – Holiday Décor Portfolio

Holiday decor is affordable and effortless with BATCH-O BLOOMS

Installation, removal, and storage

holiday decor installation philadelphia Enjoy the holiday season without the added stress of arranging removal and storage for holiday decor items. The team at BATCH-O BLOOMS will construct and remove your holiday decor in a timely and efficient manner – ensuring minimal disruption.

Purchase or Rental programs

Holiday decor and accessories can be purchased or rented depending on your budget and overall needs. BATCH-O BLOOMS is happy to work these details out with you.


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Affordable & effortless holiday decor is with BATCH-O BLOOMS
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